Staff Workshop Training: Diversity and Leadership in the Workplace

CRRL Staff Training Meeting – Diversity

Speaker: Mauricio Velasquez; president and CEO of The Diversity Training Group

One of the biggest learning experiences I had while interning at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library was sitting in on the monthly staff meetings. I only wish there had been more that I had gone to, since I was only able to attend the ones in February and March. The first one I attended was phenomenal.

The topics and themes that were covered included diversity, leadership, respect and professionalism in the workplace; human relations, bias and prejudice, and interpersonal communications were also touched on throughout the session. Here are the bits I absorbed, which inspired me to behave and labor differently in the workplace:


“The best people take responsibility and apologize.”

What you see first: Age, gender, race, ethnic heritage, mental/physical abilities

What you learn later: Work style, work experience, operational role and level, communication style, education, religion, language, geographical location

The dimensions of diversity are the Individual, the Group, and the Organizational Affiliation.

On Being A Good (or Better) Leader:

“Stop talking yourself out of what you behaved yourself into.”

The SEVEN most important words:


The TWO most important words:


The ONE most important word:


The LEAST important word:


I began to look at the workplace differently, and decided that if and when I ever acquire a “work space” of my own, I want it to be comfortable, respectful, efficient, and led by good leaders. I also realized that I can apply this attitude even in my own “work places” currently – even if that space is behind the counter at the local café. Even the humblest places – or wherever service and hard work are taking place – deserve good leadership and a respectful atmosphere.

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