Internship Introduction

I wanted to make a space to talk about my internship experience this past spring at the Central Rappahannock Regional Library (CRRL). In the coming posts, I’ll outline things I learned, reflections I have about the now completed experience, and thoughts about interning in general. My internship started in mid-January, and concluded last week, on April 21st.

I was researching internship possibilities in and around my school’s area in November of 2016. I wanted a location close by, since I knew I’d still be a full-time student. I did not see the logic in having an internship in either Richmond or Washington, both being a good hour or more from my current living situation. I think I got lucky in finding the internship opportunity on CRRL’s website, and getting connected with the individuals that would become my mentors and supervisors. The Headquarters library location is in Old Town (Downtown) Fredericksburg, right off Caroline Street, the Rappahannock river flowing agile behind the square brick building. This was my primary home base for my internship throughout the semester, though there are several other CRRL locations in and around Stafford, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg.

I had only a few low-hanging goals and outcomes that I wanted when I decided to pursue an internship:

-class credit from my university

-an experience that was more real-world, and that I didn’t need a classroom and professor in order to gain knowledge or experience

-a reason to buy and wear professional clothes (I realize that’s a shallow reason, but it was a reason for me nonetheless J )

-After putting the possibility of working in a local library on the table, becoming a better researcher made it onto the list of goals. This goal would be better developed because of this interning experience, but also due to the fact that I signed up for a senior thesis-writing class in Classics, which forced me to become better at asking questions and seeking answers.

Those were honestly the only ones I went into the experience with. I think I thought setting the bar low would allow for learning and lessons to come more organically to me, and for experience to grasp me in a more surprising way. So, I bought some new clothes and got ready to ask a lot of questions.

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