Monthly Archives: November 2015

Hello world!

Hi everyone (or anyone, who would bother to read this first post)! My name is Alice, and I have started this blog for many reasons. The main one concerns a beautiful, cold, rainy, old city in the upper northern region of the United Kingdom: Edinburgh, Scotland! I will be studying abroad there for the spring semester of 2016. I will use this blog throughout that time to provide a space to share my experience, while also earning a credit for my major in experimental learning.

I will be studying at the University of Edinburgh, one of the fifteen universities in Scotland. It is located in the heart of the city, and was founded in 1582.

While traveling is not new to me, (I have traveled to various places in Europe and the Middle East before now) I have never traveled alone. This, I sense, will be one adjustment I’ll be making. I have also never been to the U.K. I know it differs greatly from the rest of Europe, and that too will be a change.

The reality of the fact that I am actually going to be living in Scotland for four months has not hit me yet, though, writing this first post is making it little by little more real. As my time in the U.S. grows short, I think I’ll begin to get excited!

My main focus for this blog will be the study of churches, abbeys and cathedrals. Though I will most likely study the ones closest to Edinburgh, I also plan on exploring the ones in other countries and cities I visit while abroad.

While this is the main focus of the blog for now, perhaps down the road, after I return, I will utilize this blog for other purposes, like reliving and retelling the adventures I have had previous to this opportunity.

For now, though, Scotland will be front and center. If anyone is interested, pack up for an exhilarating ride! Are you ready?